About Professional Metal Works

Professional Metal Works provides high-quality metal fabrication and finishing services with the highest level of precision and quality

About Us

Professional Metal Works is a precision metal fabrication company in Lansing, Michigan. We work with manufacturers across the country and deliver the highest-quality products and services. Our experienced team members work together closely to deliver products and components. Our 55,000 sq. foot facility is equipped with the latest fabrication tools and equipment, including fiber optic lasers, automation, TIG / MIG / robotic welding, CNC turret punching, CNC forming, in-house powder coating, and more.

We work with a variety of file types, including SolidWorks, STP, AutoCAD and dxf. With virtual simulation technology, we are able to visualize your project before fabrication and ensure that the design and the process is perfect. Many of our machines are also automated and capable of “lights out” production to work overnight and complete your project with quick turnaround times.

  • 55,000 square foot facility in Lansing, Michigan
  • 70+ Employees
  • Comprehensive fabricating services
  • In-house powder coating services
  • Virtual simulation technology
  • “Lights out” automated production

Our History

Professional Metal Works has built and perfected metal fabrication projects for over 20 years. Owners Fred Boling and Jerry McKenna have over 60 years of combined experience in the industry. Each team member brings their own experience to the company. As our team grows, we share our expertise and expand all of our skills. With over 70 team members at our 55,000 sq foot facility, we have the expertise, equipment and skills to complete even the most challenging projects.

Certifications and Quality Standards

Even the best technology is useless without experienced operators. We take the time to train each team member fully and share experience throughout the team to expand our expertise as a company. This not only helps us keep our equipment and staff safe, but also ensures that all of our work meets or exceeds our strict quality standards.

Our certifications include:

  • ISO 9001 certified
  • AWS certified welders
  • Certified Welding Inspector (CWI)

Complete Metal Fabrication Services

Professional Metal Works provides comprehensive metal fabrication services for manufacturers across the country. We work with tight turnaround times and all types of projects, from simple, high-volume jobs to complex, speciality projects. If you have a project in mind, we have the experience and tools to help.