Metal Forming, Michigan Made

Professional Metal Works provides metal forming services in Lansing, Michigan for all types of industries across America

Versatile Metal Forming Services

With over 20 years of experience and state-of-the-art equipment, the team at Professional Metal Works provides a wide range of metal forming. Our CNC programmed machines take your designs and turn them into high-quality finished products. We help you fill high production runs, complete first-run prototypes, perfect your designs and more. Working from our 55,000 square foot facility in Lansing, Michigan, we fabricate precision products and components for a variety of businesses and industries across America. If you’d like a quote for metal forming and bending services, contact us today.

Virtual Simulation 3D Software

In addition to our advanced metal forming and bending equipment, we use virtual simulation to ensure that your designs are correct. This allows fully automated external programming of the bending sequence and the choice of tools based on the sheet metal part. This software reduces the time it takes to generate a program and simplifies the machine setup process. If there are any questions or issues, we can address them and perfect the design and process at the simulation stage. You can feel confident that your parts will be completed exactly as you planned.

Metal Forming, Coupled with Tool Automation

Our metal press brakes are capable of working with many types of metals for many different industries and projects. An attached Automatic Tool Changer eliminates costly delays associated with manual setups and tool changes. These machines load the proper tooling and length allowing quick flexibility, even on complex tool layouts. From small and precise parts to large, durable components, we work quickly, but carefully, to ensure that your parts meet your required specifications.

We work with the following types of materials:

  • Aluminum
  • Steel
  • Stainless Steel

Complete Fabrication Services

In addition to complete metal forming and bending services, we provide a variety of other services to complete your project from start to finish. We offer welding, machining, laser cutting, punching, and powder coating services all under one roof. Whether you require one service completed with speed and accuracy, or a range of services to complete your projects with a tight turnaround, we can help.

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